Answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Friendly Remindes

Our goal for your big day is to make sure that each bridesmaid, bride, or anyone else having their makeup done, has an unforgettable experience. To help us do this, please confirm how many people will be having their makeup done at the time you schedule your appointment. We plan our start times based on the number or women having their makeup done, so please keep in mind that we allocate a specific time period for your day, but also may have other clients booked after your appointment. Although we have done this in the past to accommodate clients, we will no longer be able to add another session that day  (if we have a confirmed number of 6 girls, please do not ask if we have time for one more on the day of the wedding). 

How Many Makeup Artists Will You Need:

Bridal parties over 5 girls will require two makeup artists (or 3 depending on the size of the bridal party). This allows us to have a reasonable start time, guarantees that you are ready by the time requested and provides you with quality time during your session.  SEE CONTRACT FOR TRAVEL FEES AND PRICING.

Prepare Your Skin

If you know you are having your makeup done for a wedding or special event, please do your best to take care of your skin a few weeks before the big day. Hydrate and Moisturize! Please be sure to drink a lot of water and apply a facial moisturizer daily to assure your skin is not dry and help us achieve a flawless look during your makeup session.


Some things to avoid:

Alcohol, tobacco, and tanning beds. If you prefer to be tan for your big day, please inquire about a spray tan. 

On the day of your session, please be sure to remove any  'old' makeup you may still have on. We can focus more of our time on your application if you come with a fresh, clean face!

During Your Session

We all know that it can be hard to disconnect ourselves from our phones and social media, but it will really help your makeup artist during your session. The last thing we want is to mess up your perfectly winged eyeliner because you have a message or text! Please just ask your artist to pause for a moment if you need to take care of something. Also, please communicate any questions you may have. The more direction we have, the better. I promise your artist will not be offended if you have a request. Our goal is for you to be IN LOVE with your makeup. Your artist will arrive with a chair and makeup light so all you need to do is show up. You do NOT need to bring any of your own makeup, unless you have something you absolutely love or just want to wear! False strip lashes will be applied during your session and are included in your price. 

After Your Session

The best part! Your artist will have you look at and approve your makeup before your setting spray is applied. Please tell your artist if there are any changes you wish to make prior to leaving the chair. If you are satisfied with your makeup, we will apply a setting spray to assure that your makeup lasts all day and night!


Before leaving the chair, please pay your artist so that they are able to keep everything organized. Payments may be made with cash, card or Venmo. Please no personal checks. 

Bridal Makeup: $85 per person

                            $25 travel fee per artist

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