Preparation for Your Tan

The Night Before Your Tan

 Shower thoroughly and exfoliate, this will remove dead skin, and provide a smooth surface for your tan to ensure even coverage and lengthen the duration of  your tan.


Any manicure or pedicure should be done at least one day before the day of your tan.


​​If you are using Dove products please stop using them at least two days before your tan and for the duration of the tan (5-7 days). Dove soap and Dove lotions leave a film on your skin that leads to a blotchy tan.


Shaving and waxing should be done the night before.

Moisturize after your shower, but not the day of your tan. Remember, clean skin!


The Day of Your Tan

Bring in dark loose fitting clothing and flip flops. Tight fitting clothing worn on a fresh tan can rub the solution off and leave your tan patchy.

Please come in without make up or deodorant, if you have make up or deodorant, on you must use a makeup remover cloth to clean your face.

Review and sign the release form (at the time of your tan).



Do not shower or sweat excessively for the next 7-8 hours (Over night if possible) after your tan. This allows your tan to fully develop it’s color.

If you do not shower until the next morning, please make sure to wear loose fitting, full length pjs to bed.

Do not shave for the first 12 hours after your spray and first shower, if you MUST please use a fresh razor.

Use hand sanitizer to wash your hands during developing time.

Avoid using moisturizers and applying deodorant during developing time.

Wearing socks or closed shoes can cause your tan to develop unevenly on your feet, please avoid wearing either for at least the first 5 hours of your tan.

Avoid wearing tight clothing for at least the first 5 hours of your tan, tight clothing could render your tan splotchy.

Products That May Effect Your Tan

Anti-aging products or AHA’s

Hair thinning lotion or removing lotion

Beta Hydroxy Acids-salicylic acid

Dove soap and Dove products

Retin-A type products (Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac, Tretinoin)

Toners containing alcohols or witch hazel

Anti-acne products(Accutane, salicylic acid)

Facial masks and scrubs

Pore cleansing facial strips

Wax depilatories

Depilatory products

Bleach products for body hair

Hot tubs, chlorine and salt water

Bug sprays – try to spray your clothes instead of you. If you must have it on you, spray a “cloud” to go through.